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A wedding is one of the most auspicious and special day in a person’s life. And photographing that day, to cherish the memories years after is something that any couple would expect in excellence, cause ‘Hey, you can’t have re-takes!’ Photography makes it simple for us to rewind our memories whenever we want. We, at Wedlock have an expertise in this field of photography to deliver optimum quality pictures, in both content and creativity, to our clients.


A moment, a sight, an emotion that tempts you to get itself clicked, it has to be candid. A candid photography cannot be expounded but felt.

It might be expression of overwhelming happiness, or joyful excitement or feeling of sadness to be far away from dear ones or just a simple unpretentious expression.

As weddings are a mixed bucket of bulks of emotions and happenings, Candid wedding photography is an amazing art to adorn your wedding memories.

My expert wedding team is well endowed to steal some extraordinary moments out of your day and gifting its precious reflection in its ultimate form.


Pre Wedding shoots are pretty much in norm now. It is not about holding hands together and looking into each others eyes. It is all about you. Your story, how you want to express it? It is also about breaking ice with your wedding photographer and crew members. Frankly speaking, it serves three purposes,

1. You get your lifetime memories in form of story telling or Romantic pictures or videos.

2. You get to know your photographers and vice versa, and get comfortable with each other’s spaces, rather than seeing strangers on your wedding day.

3. It helps you in improving your body language and dressing sense in front of camera. So I strongly recommend the wedding couples to go for pre wedding shoots before you regret it.


Your special day or occasion flew by, everyone is talking about how much fun they had. But. You don’t remember the vivid details. It’s true, you can’t be everywhere and see everything and great moments do escape our memory over time. But you’ll be able to enjoy every exquisite detail, forever, whenever you want, with a video produced by Dreamweavers. Whatever the occasion, big or small, we have a package to fit your budget.

What People say

The memories of the wedding, would have been very very different had you'll not been there. Thank you, for making it so beautifully memorable.

Thank you very much for the pictures. They are simply fantastic, and done beautifully. One can see a great lot of effort has gone in from all of you, into our wedding, with care for every little detail. We loved it! It will make for a wonderful memory for years to come! Thanks again.

We have only three words for you...awesome...awesome...awesome..

I watched the picture and cudn't see anything beyond that ( it was so gud.. took me to that time).. The pictures are AWESOME...Thanke you so much.. :D

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